R.I.P Michael Jackson

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On Thursday, June 25, 2009 Michael Joseph Jackson, the "King of Pop" died of a cardiac arrest which causes are yet to be determined. It's speculated that a prescription drug addiction combined with a life surrounded enablers (like the sham of a doctor who injected him with pain killers just an hour before his death and was present and alone with him at the time, prescribing medication under different names for God only knows how long) , pushing himself too far for an upcoming comeback concert tour and a life in the eye of the media... were all just too much on his heart.

Michael lived his life surrounded by fame, glory, music and media. He basically fathered pop music as we know it to be today and yet despite his amazing triumphs his tragedies never linger far behind. Accused of being a child molester, of being eccentric, a hermit and much more by so many yet rarely seen for being the victim of consumer obsession that he really was.

Life in America today is one of constant consumerism which has transcended all boundaries, privacy and respect that as fans we have for our idols. We have become a nation of tabloid sensations, controversy hungry hunters of those in the lime light. That sort of obsession, following and never ending disruption of privacy and peace breaks a soul. There are laws against it that protect mostly women who are victims of obsessive stalking but stars and celebs have nothing that protects them from paparazzi and fanatics.

Imagine yourself watched and followed everywhere you go, your trash riffled through, pictures snapped of you no matter what kind of day you're having, calls in the middle of the night, not being able to check your mail without looking over your shoulder... every single day without any kind of end in sight... this is all very real. I've realized that what celebs live through daily is exactly like what I have in the past lived through daily at the hands of a very privileged and invasive stalker. It wrecked my life, brought me lower than I could've imagined ever being and led me to question my own sanity over and over again. Not being able to trust those around you when you learn they are feeding the monster(s) that causes you all this pain with every single detail of your personal health & life. It's hell on earth in which you feel like your life is not your own to live, you feel like you control nothing. Yes there are stalking laws (very weak ones that are super easy to get around) in place and no they don't protect celebs from career stalkarazzi. And what feeds the paparazzi? We do! Everytime you google your fave star for personal info or who their latest love is, everytime you buy a trashy mag to get the cover celeb story... that feeds the industry that has grown to wreck lives.

Maybe in Michael Jackson's death we'll finally learn what today's media stalkarazzi does to stars. Living like prey will really mess with your mind, it's a dangerous state of mind to live in. Just ask anybody who's ever been stalked, you feel like you life is no longer your own and you'll do anything, mo matter how self-destructive it may be, to forget and feel your own even if just for a minute. We need to learn as fans of anyone to respect their personal space and lives and learn to tell the difference between their movies and music and their home life. Being an actor or musician is a job like being a doctor, we all appreciate doctors but we don't follow them home or take pictures of their children. Lets all support the stars we love by supporting their work and respecting their lives while they are still on earth.

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